Домой Без рубрики The court dismissed the appeal of the FAS

The court dismissed the appeal of the FAS


The court dismissed the appeal of the FAS on the tender of the Railways on modernization of BAM on 28 billion.

The arbitration case: «the Arbitration court in satisfaction of claim requirements of the Federal Antimonopoly service of Russian Railways contesting the contract with United construction company 1520 (USC 1520″) is 28 billion rubles.».

The decision on the case on 6 June took 9-th Arbitration appeal court, which upheld the decision of Arbitration court of Moscow from February 2016.

As follows from the case materials, «USC 1520» won the tender for the works at BAM and Transsib in 2014. The amount of the order amounted to 28 billion rubles.

An interesting fact is the fact that the arbitration court found that the FAA acted on a complaint from the company «nst Groups that did not participate in the tender of the Railways and, therefore, had no right to challenge its conditions and results.

According to EGRUL nst Group» is engaged in trade of timber, construction materials and sanitary equipment. The court proceedings took into account that the nst Group» there is no admission to the surveying, excavation and other works, therefore, the company obviously could not participate in the tender of the Railways.

The owner and CEO of the company Stanislav Matyas said that is not related to the activities of the nst Group and knows nothing about the multi-billion dollar tender Railways.

USC 1520″ included in the «Group of companies 1520″, which is controlled by four Russian businessmen, including Alexey Krapivin. He is the son of Andrei Krapivin associated with the ex-head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, says RBC. From the array of documents of the Panama offshore company Mossack Fonseca became known that Krapivin, Jr. controls PJSC bamstroymekhanizatsiya and UK of the same name, which won tenders for the modernization of BAM and Transsib on the amount 177,3 billion rubles of the total funding of the project 301.3 billion. The court also took into account that USC 1520» faithfully performs the contract at the end of 2015, the company has performed works by almost 7.5 billion rubles.

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