Домой Services for business owners

Services for business owners

Services for business owners.

1. Construction of business ownership comprehensive system.

2. Diagnosis of relationship between business partners, construction of business ownership system based on the interests of each partner, holding negotiations with partners, legal arrangements, admitting new partners in business, secession of a business partner, disputes between partners.

3. Diagnosis of relationship between business owners and managers. Construction of management possessory control system. Organization of corporate management.

4. Development and implementation of business and property protecting system from partners, managers, competitors, raiders.

5. Assisting in acquisition of various foreign companies (offshore companies, foundations, trusts, grid companies etc.), assistance in applying them to business ownership, personal and corporate tax planning, property ownership.

6. Building effective relationship between business owner and his family members regarding business. Organization of inheritance processes concerning business and private property.

7. Assistance in real property purchase in Russia and abroad.

8. Implementation of personal tax planning for business owners.

9. Protection of business owners in criminal proceedings in Russia and abroad.

10. Private Clients.