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Rest on the Maldives


Rest on the Maldives.

Rest Maldives
Rest on the Maldives

Rest on the Maldives.

Maldives are the perfect place for having beach rest because of stunning landscapes, white sand and crystal clear water. Such heaven on the earth is located in the Indian Ocean.

Vacationers may bathe in the sun on pure white sand, sipping on a cocktail, or visit local places of interest or even go on a yacht to conquer the waves or dive in the deeps of blue waters. But before making a trip to the Maldives choose an island for your rest, book a hotel and make sure that your cloth is proper beforehand.

Choose an Island.


If you are a young active person you should choose Baros Island. Discos on beaches, thematic evenings and many kinds of active sport create jolly atmosphere on this Island. Baros Island is not far away from international airport Hulhule and the capital of Maldives – Male.

Vabbinfaru Island is for reach people and for real luxurious and expensive rest. Banyan Tree is the famous exclusive hotel of this Island.

Olhuveli Island is the perfect place for budget rest. A comfortable bungalow in lovely places may be found there for low price. The surrounding of Olhuveli Island is similar to Caribbean one, but it doesn’t resemble Maldivian exotics.

Book a hotel.


Before booking a hotel room you should read available list of hotel services. For example, hotel chain “Universal” doesn’t provide rooms with TV-sets, smorgasbord is for breakfast there and dinner is chosen according to menu.

Hotel chain “Villa Hotels” is in European style: asphalted roads, hotel rooms with TV-sets and served smorgasbord. Hotels in Maldivian style have a motto – to merge with nature. That’s why floor of such hotels is covered with sand; restaurants are on sand and tables face sea views. Every hotel has its own diving-center and many of hotels have SPA centers.

What cloth to take?

Any light clothing is appropriate for beaches on Maldives. You even don’t have to wear evening gowns to visit restaurants of deluxe standard hotels. But note that nudism and topless sunbathing are prohibited on Maldives (Kuramathi Island is an exception). And one more note – if you are going for a walk to Male or to inhabited islands you should wear long trousers or a skirt, shirt or a blouse. On inhabited islands holiday-makers should wear shorts and tennis shirts – for men; for women – blouses, skirts and shorts made out of nontransparent cloth.