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In the United States on Twitter, Google and Facebook


In the United States on Twitter, Google and Facebook sued over attacks in Paris.

A US citizen Reynaldo Gonzalez, daughter of Nahomi killed in terrorist attacks in Paris in November last year, filed a lawsuit against Google, Facebook and Twitter. Gonzalez accuses the social network in the promotion of «Islamic state».

Gonzalez considers these IT companies have enabled the «Islamic state» to become the most feared terrorist organization in the world.

In his claim, the plaintiff indicates that social networks, in particular, allowed the registration of accounts and groups of terrorists, through which they recruited Internet users, engaged in the financing of their activities. Gonzalez believes that through social networks it was carried out «propaganda of extremism».

Gonzalez explained that YouTube, which prinalezhit Google profit from ads that are broadcast between the rollers of the militants.

Gonzalez accused the company of negligence, the provision of «material support» to terrorists.
The defendants oppose the lawsuit claims is illegal.

Under us law, Internet companies are not responsible for the content that users publish on social networks.
Recall that in a series of attacks in Paris that took place on 13 November 2015, killing 132 people, more than 350 were injured.

Source: The Wall Street Journal.

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