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Human rights activists against anti-hacking law


Human rights activists want the United States to recognize the unconstitutional «anti-hacking» law.

The American civil liberties Union (ACLU) filed a petition in the U.S. court. Human rights with the demand to declare unconstitutional the country’s so-called «anti-hacking law».
The lawsuit was filed in the district court of the district of Columbia.
The defendants were the Ministry of justice, the Minister Loretta Lynch.
The law on computer fraud, and abuse (CFAA) enacted in 1986. The law biznet illegal use of aliases, fake social media pages. According to the law stipulates liability in the form of arrest and criminal prosecution.
In recent years this act has been actively criticized by human rights activists. In the ACLU believe that the document hinders the research activities of American professors and experts who are studying possible cases of gender, age and racial discrimination on the web. In its lawsuit, Union members claim that this act constitutes a violation of the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which protects freedom of speech and press.
Filing a lawsuit in the U.S. court initiated Christian Sandvig, associate Professor of information and communication at the University of Michigan. According to her, due to her colleague CFAA may be brought to criminal responsibility for the conduct of the research activities of the sites for the sale and purchase of real estate. Professor, in particular, was trying to figure out if they use these resources analytical database in order to place ads depending on the race, gender and age.

Source: Reuters.

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