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Facebook won in Belgium

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Facebook won in Belgium court because of spying on users of third party sites.

Facebook has won a trial to Belgian authority for personal data protection, who accused the company of spying on users without accounts in social networks.

The court of appeal of Brussels rejected the action of the Commission on the issues of confidentiality, Belgium

The court ruled that it has no authority to consider the matter in relation to the company Facebook, which headquarters are located in Ireland.

The court of appeal accepted the arguments of the defendant that the jurisdiction in the cases against Facebook have only the Irish courts.

Belgium has filed a lawsuit against the American company last year. The plaintiff claimed that Facebook had violated the law of the European Union on privacy by tracking the activity of Internet users who do not have accounts in social networks, but visiting its pages via third party sites.

Initially, the lower court rendered a decision in favor of regulator ordered Facebook to stop spying. Otherwise, the company could be fined up to 250,000 euros for each day of default requirements/

Defendant, in turn, appealed the decision. While the social network has said it will stop using so-called cookie is a special marker that are stored on the computer to remember the user’s activity.

The Commission on privacy issues already stated that they intend to appeal the decision of the appellate court to the court of Cassation.

Earlier, the French regulator in the field of data protection ordered the company to Facebook for three months to stop the collection of information about Internet users in the social network.

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