Домой Aranibar and Partners

Aranibar and Partners

Law firm “Aranibar Partners”.

(The Russian branch of the international law firm «Aranibar & Partners).


International law firm «Aranibar & Partners» was founded in the middle of the XX century for the provision of legal services to businesses around the world.

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Lawyer Aranibar San Roman Horhe

The founder and managing partner of the international law firm «Aranibar & Partners» for many years a well-known lawyer in the field of private international law, Mr. Aranibar San Roman Horhe.


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The Russian branch of the international law firm «Aranibar & Partners» — Law firm «Araníbar & Partners» was established in 2000.

Антон Аранибар
Адвокат Аранибар Антон Хорхевич

Director and managing partner of the law office «Araníbar & Partners» appointed Russian lawyer and public figure, Mr. Anton Araníbar.

Attorneys practicing in the Law Office have accumulated large experience by acting for clients in various practice areas and representing them before Russian arbitrazh and general courts. Protecting their clients’ interests, Russian as well as foreign, attorneys of “Aranibar and Partners” have repeatedly achieved changes in Russian case law and amendmentsto applicable law.

Law firm «Aranibar and partners» provides legal support for large investment projects within the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Among the major clients the following companies can be outlined: the «East Line» group, the «MIKOM» group («Metallurgic Investment Company»); the «NTK» group («Independent Transport Company»); Pskov based «Linokombinat»; agricultural holding “Russkoe moloko” («Russian milk»); agricultural holding «Malakhovo.» Lawyers of «Aranibar and partners» law office participated in the defense of several companies’ heads in much publicized criminal cases. Law Office «Aranibar and partners» closely cooperates with well-known law firms in the United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Cyprus.

Партнёры адвокатского бюро «Аранибар и Парнёры».

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