Домой Без рубрики A German court has prohibited the UberPOP app

A German court has prohibited the UberPOP app


A German court has prohibited the UberPOP app.

The German appellate court of Frankfurt has banned the activities of the application UberPOPВ to order and pay for taxis or private drivers.

The court rejected the appeal of the American company Uber to the decision of the lower court.

In September 2014, a Frankfurt court banned the application UberPOP, because the app connects passengers with drivers without professional licenses.

The proceedings initiated upon the complaint of the trade Union of taxi Germany, Taxi Deutschland. According to representatives of this organization, an application that allows you to earn private carrying any person of the age of majority violates fair competition in the market, as well as threatening the safety of passengers.

On the eve of the criminal court of France fined the company Uber Technologies 800 000 euros for the work of service UberPOP. Additionally, ordering the head of Uber in Europe, middle East and Africa Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty to pay a fine in the amount of 30 000 euros, and the head of service in France Thibault of Simple 20,000 euros.

This year, French taxi drivers went on strike against Uber, blocked roads and access to the Paris airports. Drivers expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the company has used their services without a licence and set rates below the competition.

Previously, the app UberPOP has also been declared illegal by the courts of Italy and Spain, similar lawsuits pending in the courts of Belgium and the Netherlands.